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Choosing the right dentist can be easy

A good doctor is a treasure to the family, but finding the right person is not always an easy task.

The most important aspects of finding the right dentist for you:

  • A good doctor must be outstanding in his field, having the appropriate professional knowledge and practical experience
    • Be an easygoing and pleasant person
    • Be able to communicate well and to be understood when he/she speaks
    • Work in a clinic where everything is available for a successful dental treatment
    • Work with high-quality materials to produce durable and aesthetically perfect pieces of art
    • Cooperate with a dental technician laboratory where their work is carried out on and state-of-the-art, quality technology
    • Offer affordable prices that are in full accordance with the quality of the performanceWe have taken these criteria into account when creating Ráday32 DentalCentrum and everything is provided to make your dental treatment aesthetic and everlasting:


  • Young team with international experience and training
  • Latest technology in our brand new dental clinic
  • Easy access (32 Ráday Street: 6-minute walk from Kálvin Square Metro Station)
  • Applying European Quality Standards with all dental materials procured from 1st quality sources
  • Dental partner references with international reputation
  • Best price/value rates for treatment

Come and meet your doctor in person at Ráday32 DentalCentrum for a consultation, free of charge. Explore the clinic and surgery environment without any risk or commitments.
Make an appointment at phone number +36 30 197 1532.
We look forward to meeting you at Ráday32 DentalCentrum.