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Guarantee duration

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Crowns                3 years

Bridges                3 years

Veneers               3 years

Inlays / Onlays    3 years

Implants (only the product)              Lifetime

Partial dentures, combination work, locator dentures               3 years

Dentures               1 year

Fillings    1 year

Temporaries are not included


We reserve the right to reduce or invalidate our guarantee based on the following conditions:


If the patient neglects general oral hygiene

If the patient has not attended an annual routine check-up by a professional (invoice required).

If the patient is an alcoholic or he/she smokes.

If the patient has not followed the dentist’s instructions.

If removable restorations such as partial or complete dentures are not maintained properly.

If the patient’s gum recedes or his/her bones shrink.

If there has been damage due to an accident.

In the event of significant weight loss or gain.

If the treatment of a specific disease has a negative effect on the patient’s dental condition (e.g diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, post-X-ray state or chemotherapy).

If the patient fails to inform Ráday32 DentalCentrum as soon as a problem occurs.


Ráday32 DentalCentrum  can not take responsibility for problems which were not detected on the patient’s x-ray or for those which were not foreseeable at the time of the treatment at the clinic.